Friday, June 20, 2014

Create Impressive Product Catalog from Original PDF Print Version

Since there are more and more people communicate with each other though social share media sites, then they begin to notice that social network is a potential platform for their business. No matter what business you are running, sharing your digital catalog, brochure and eBook to social media sites is the right direction to increase your brand reputation and promote your product or service. Then if you create an ordinary digital catalog, it might not get great success as you expect.

A wonderful digital catalog, on one hand, it can deliver useful information of company, product and service; on the other hand, it can provide users wonderful reading experience and then recommend and share it. That will be an effective to promote you digital catalog. Do you know how to create stunning digital catalog and get e-catalog maker download? Do you know the simple way to create attractive online shopping catalog? Just follow the 4 steps to make an outstanding and impressive digital catalog by Flip PDF Professional.

1. Create Your E-catalog

If you already got a print publication, then you may keep your original file. It is perfect if it is PDF file. You can import the PDF file to Flip PDF Professional directly. And then you can customize the importing setting with ease.

2.  Link Your Production Information

If you are creating an e-catalog, it is better to allow your users to buy and know more details of your product with simple click. You don’t have to worry about re-creating your product information. You can combine it with your online e-commerce platform with ease. Furthermore, do remember to add your online shop address or QR code.

3. Rich Media Integration

When we talk about rich media, we always mean video, flash, audio, internal link, logo and so on. Rich multimedia content, for one thing, it can help you beautify the digital catalog with ease; for another, users can have wonderful and vivid reading experience with the page turning digital catalog. That’s awesome. After you add multimedia content on digital catalog, now there is only one step left to do.

4. Publish your Digital Catalog

It is up to you to publish the digital catalog online or offline. Publishing it online, it is free to share to network, embed into website and email to friends. Publishing it offline, you are able to install the digital catalog plug-in and insert into WordPress, Drupal and Joomla website. Online or offline, it is decided by your promotion strategy as well.  

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